Reward Supreme Earn Money Easily by Completing Simple Tasks

In today’s digital age, you can easily earn money from your phone. If you are a student or a housewife and you want to earn money by doing some work from your phone, then you can do this very easily. Although there are many apps in the market, the app we will talk about today is called “Reward Supreme.” You can earn money by working for some time every day and completing daily tasks on this app. In this article, we will know how to earn money from the Reward Supreme app and how to withdraw the earned money in Paytm.

Reward Supreme (Cash App: Recharge Earning App)

Reward Supreme is an app that helps you earn money online. You can easily earn some money from your phone by completing simple tasks in this app. The Reward Supreme app came on the Play Store in 2021, and it is currently running successfully in 2024. Although there are many such apps in the market from which you can earn money, this app has been running for the last 4 years, and people who are using it are also getting money from it. The Reward Supreme app has been rated 4.2 on Google Play Store, which is a very good rating, and it has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

How to Create an Account in Reward Supreme App?

Complete information about how you can use the Reward Supreme app and earn money from it is given below in this article step by step:

Free Mobile Recharge

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InstallApp: First of all, you have to download it from the Play Store. Go to the Play Store and search for Reward Supreme, and you will see this app by the name of “Cash App: Recharge Earning app” because its name has changed a bit, but you will also see the name “Reward Supreme” under this name.

Create An Account: After installing, open this app and then sign up with your Google account to create a new account.

Daily Rewards: When you create a new account in this app and enter it, you will get 1 to 2 rupees as a free daily bonus. You will see this reward every day, which you can easily claim daily.

How to earn money from the Reward Supreme app?

To earn money from this app you can follow the following steps:

  1. Complete tasks and earn money: You will get to see tasks from many different apps in this app. You have to download different apps to complete the tasks. In this, you will find tasks ranging from 2 rupees to 200 to 300 rupees. When you complete a task, you will be told in detail what you have to do to complete it.
  2. Recharge your phone: If you want to recharge without withdrawing that money after completing tasks in this app, then you can do this very easily.
  3. Earn money through Referral & Earn: You can also easily earn money by referring this app to someone else. If you refer one person, you get 10 rupees for every referral, and if you refer 10 people, then you can easily earn 100 rupees.

How to withdraw money from the Reward Supreme app?

To withdraw from this app, you can follow the following steps:

  • Minimum withdrawal: To withdraw money from this app, if you have even 2 rupees, then you can easily withdraw it.
  • Withdraw your earnings: To withdraw your earned money from the app to your Paytm account, you have to click on the wallet section. After this, you have to enter your Paytm number and then enter the amount you want to withdraw, and submit it.
  • Withdrawal timing: When you submit your withdrawal request, you are told that you will get your amount in 72 hours, but before that, you will receive your money in your Paytm account.

FAQS: Reward Supreme

Is Reward Supreme a trusted app?

The Reward Supreme app has been downloaded by more than 1 million people and has received a very good rating of 4.2 stars. This app has been operational since 2021 and also provides monetary rewards to users.

How much money can you withdraw at minimum in Reward Supreme?

Even if you earn just 2 rupees in the Reward Supreme app, you can easily withdraw it to your Paytm account.

How much money do you get for referring someone on Reward Supreme?

If you refer this app to someone else, you receive 10 rupees for each referral. If you refer 10 people, you can easily earn 100 rupees.


Friends, while there are plenty of apps available online that claim to help you earn money, not all of them deliver when it comes to withdrawal. However, Reward Supreme has been performing consistently well for the past 4 years. It has been downloaded by millions of users to date, and the most noteworthy aspect is its impressive rating of 4.2 stars on the Play Store. This indicates its reliability and user satisfaction. The app continues to promptly deliver the earnings to all its users, making it a trustworthy option for anyone looking to earn money.

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