Top 10 leading Asian American-Owned Banks in 2023

By | January 15, 2023

Of all the of minority vault establishments (MDI) in the United States, the biggest single gathering is made out of the 72 Asian or Pacific Islander American-possessed banks. By and large, these business banks and reserve funds establishments add up to only one less than the wide range of various MDIs combined.1



The size and achievement of these banks say a ton regarding the development of the Asian American people group. Asian Americans are the quickest developing racial gathering in the U.S. also, are required to be the biggest worker bunch in 50 years time.2




The country’s 72 Asian or Pacific Islander American-possessed banks are the biggest single gathering of minority vault establishments (MDIs) by race.



Six of the main 10 banks have 51% or a greater amount of their democratic stock possessed by Asian and additionally Pacific Islander American people;


Four of the biggest banks have a larger part of Asian or potentially Pacific Islander American chiefs on their sheets and serve networks that are overwhelmingly Asian and additionally Pacific Islander American.


For the 72 banks all in all, the division is comparable however more outrageous: 61 in the democratic stock gathering and 11 in most of-chiefs gathering.


East West Bank is the biggest Asian American-possessed bank in the U.S., with $50.40 billion in absolute resources.


What Is a Minority Depository Institution?


Starting at 2020, there are 5,033 business banks and investment funds foundations guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the United States.3 For the FDIC to order one of them as a MDI, it should be “…a government safeguarded storehouse establishment for which (1) 51 percent or a greater amount of the democratic stock is claimed by minority people; or (2) a dominant part of the top managerial staff is minority and the local area that the organization serves is overwhelmingly minority. Proprietorship should be by U.S. residents or perpetual lawful U.S. inhabitants to be included in deciding minority ownership.”4


Of the 72 Asian or Pacific Islander American-claimed banks, 61 fall into the initial class and 11 into the second. Among the main 10 banks, six are class one organizations; Bank of Hope, Hanmi Bank, CTBC Bank Corp. (USA), and Royal Business Bank are class two.1


For the reasons for this article—because of the generally critical number of dynamic banks—Asian American-claimed and oversaw credit associations that serve the local area have been prohibited. Our rundown centers around the 10 best Asian American-claimed banks as of now working. The article utilizes the expression “Asian American-possessed” from a wide perspective, perceiving that investors own revenue driven banks.


Why Asian American-Owned Banks Are Important


Banks assume a significant part in a great many people’s monetary lives. They offer checking and investment accounts for securely putting away cash, advances for both individual and business purposes, contracts for land buys, and charge cards. To put it plainly, banks give fundamental instruments to seeking after a profession or simply having the option to work.


As effectively noted, Asian Americans are the quickest developing racial group.2 Financial foundations that work with, are worked by, and comprehend the exceptional monetary circumstances of both local and unfamiliar brought into the world Asian Americans will normally develop with them.


The Asian American populace is assorted, with a scope of individual and business needs. Asian specialists have a higher week after week middle pay than White, Black, and Latinx people, as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics information for Q3 of 2020.5 But simultaneously, pay disparity is really most prominent among Asian American gatherings. As per the Pew Research Center, while pay expanded the most for higher-pay Asian Americans between 1970–2016, it additionally expanded the least for lower-pay Asian Americans.6 All this gives a wide scope of freedoms to serve banking prerequisites across the monetary range.


Here are the banks that are doing the awesome.


Top 10 Asian American-Owned Banks


The 10 greatest Asian American-possessed banks make them thing in like manner: Each organization has at any rate one branch situated in the territory of California. The rundown beneath is coordinated by all out resources.


East West Bank


East West Bancorp is the traded on an open market holding organization of East West Bank, which is one of the greatest autonomous monetary foundations situated in Southern California. Established in 1973, East West Bank was the primary governmentally contracted reserve funds organization to meet the monetary necessities of Chinese Americans in Los Angeles. Notwithstanding a few branches all through the United States, East West Bank likewise works in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shantou, Shenzhen, and Xiamen.7 For as far back as 40 years, East West Bank has set up associations with various charitable and local area based associations to more readily help underserved neighborhood communities.8


Branches: 125 areas worldwide9


ATMs: Any ATMs in the East West Bank, Allpoint, and MoneyPass networks10


States: California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Washington9


Administrations: Personal (checking, reserve funds, and so forth), business (assortments and stores, SBA advances, and so on), business (advances and credit extensions, business land, and industry aptitude), and worldwide banking (individual global banking, business global exchange, and business worldwide banking), notwithstanding abundance the executives administrations (speculation administrations, future arranging, and business planning)11


Resources: $50.40 billion1


Accessibility: Online and block and-mortar12 9


Cathay Bank


Initially framed in 1962, Cathay Bank is the most seasoned working U.S. bank established by Chinese Americans. An auxiliary of Cathay General Bancorp, Cathay Bank initially ventured outside of California with an agent office in Hong Kong in 1985 (which later turned into a branch) and a New York branch in 1990.13 Cathay Bank has since further extend to seven different states just as Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei. Cathay Bank has been named one of the main 20 “Best Banks in America” by Forbes since 2016, was among the 100 greatest monetary organizations recorded on the Nasdaq (in view of market capitalization) in 2000, and the Cathay Bank Annual Charity Golf Tournament has raised more than $1.7 million for not-for-profits in Southern California since 1977.14 15


Branches: 65 areas worldwide16


ATMs: 53 ATMs, notwithstanding any ATMs in the PULSE Select and MoneyPass networks16


States: California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington16


Administrations: Personal (checking, reserve funds, and so on), business (loaning, Visas, and so forth), and worldwide banking (unfamiliar trade administrations, unfamiliar trade market update, and so on), notwithstanding abundance the executives administrations (protection, annuities, etc.)17 18 19 20


Resources: $19 billion1


Accessibility: Online and block and-mortar16 21


Bank of Hope


An auxiliary of Hope Bancorp, Bank of Hope is both the first and at present the lone very territorial Korean American bank in the U.S.22 Bank of Hope was initially established over 37 years back in Los Angeles, empowering it to offer monetary types of assistance to the biggest Korean American people group in the nation.23 Additionally, Bank of Hope has circulated a large number of dollars to understudies through its Hope Scholarship Foundation.24


Branches: 66 areas across the U.S., notwithstanding an agent office in Seoul22 23


ATMs: Any ATMs in the Bank of Hope, MoneyPass, and Allpoint networks25


States: Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington22


Administrations: Personal (checking, investment funds and currency market accounts, and so forth) and business banking (declarations of stores, business loaning, and so on), notwithstanding abundance the board administrations (monetary arranging, retirement arranging, etc.)26 27 28


Resources: $16.73 billion1


Accessibility: Online and block and-mortar25 29


Hanmi Bank


Shaped in Los Angeles in 1982, giving it the qualification of being the primary Korean American bank, Hanmi Bank was established to help Koreatown’s underserved settler community.30 Hanmi Bank offers a first-of-its-sort corporate social obligation (CSR) program for its representatives, known as the Hanmi Neighbor Volunteer Service Program, which is driven by singular work support rather than corporate-coordinated occasions. Also, the bank’s Hanmi Dream Scholarship for At-Risk Youth Program offers instructive help to understudies; essentially cultivate kids and those from homes influenced by abusive behavior at home (however it is accessible for other in danger adolescents, as well).31


Branches: 36 areas across the U.S.32


ATMs: Any ATM in the MoneyPass network32


States: California, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia32


Administrations: Personal (checking, currency market, and investment funds, and so forth) and business banking (testament of store, depository the board, and so on), notwithstanding advances (home advances, business loaning, etc.)33


Resources: $6.10 billion1


Accessibility: Online and block and-mortar32 34


Favored Bank


Favored Bank was established in 1991; the bank’s underlying contribution was oversubscribed at $20.18 million, which was likely the biggest arrangement of a state-contracted bank in California’s set of experiences. What recognizes Preferred Bank from a lot of its opposition is its specialization in adjusting numerous market specialties, for example, center market organizations (assembling, administration, and dispersion organizations) and worldwide market organizations (merchants and exporters).35


Branches: San Gabriel Valley Regional Office (Alhambra, Calif.), Arcadia Branch (Arcadia, Calif.), City of Industry Branch (City of Industry, Calif.), Diamond Bar Branch (Diamond Bar, Calif.), Irvine Branch (Irvine, Calif.), Los Angeles Main Office (Los Angeles, Calif.), Pico Rivera Branch (Pico Rivera, Calif.), West Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Calif.), Rich

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